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The revamping of our website has been a 10 month project. We are excited for the new changes and continued growth of the website, We are striving to become a health information educational resource and will be constantly updating and adding new content and news. We will adding a office specific email newsletter in the near future. So, make sure you sign up the e-newsletter. We encourage your feedback and requests for what topics and information you would like see on the website.

Some examples of the newly added and updated sections are:

Health Topics - brief and interesting articles all related to health and wellness
Search Function - look up all the information on a specific key word
Testimonials - patients giving feedback about their experiences in the office
Lecture Schedule - easily navigate and find out what may interest you
Downloads - download many of the resources we often give patients
Verify Insurance - receive your insurance benefits before stepping into the office
Links - websites about the products we carry, professionals we refer to, and additional informational resources

Spend a few minutes and look through the website. Be sure to bookmark and check back often to find out what's new and interesting.