Readers’ Choice Ranks Symmes Chiropractic Center Top Three!

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Loveland, OH (PRESS) October 12, 2009 – ( Symmes Chiropractic Center, a leading chiropractic and nutrition center, announced today its top three ranking according to a Community Press Readers’ Choice survey that was distributed in July. Symmes Chiropractic Center placed third in the top three ranking for best chiropractors in East Cincinnati, but continues to achieve success by integrating a mix of therapies to help East Cincinnatians achieve better health.

“We approach clients with empathy and compassion so when a patient comes to us for help, we truly care in seeing them reach their health goals,” said Jay Panyko, Doctor of Chiropractic, Symmes Chiropractic Center. “The results clients receive are faster and longer lasting in many cases because of our emphasis on a full body, holistic approach.”

Symmes Chiropractic Center has been a part of the East Cincinnati community for nearly four years. Over 80% of new patients are referrals from existing patients or other health care providers in the area. Part of Symmes Chiropractic Center’s continued success is due to their holistic approach to health and the community.

“We have greatly and positively impacted the health of East Cincinnati residents and the surrounding areas and have established relationships with the community and allied health care providers in the area,” said Panyko. “As a result, patients and their families have experienced greater wellness through chiropractic care, adding greater enjoyment to their daily lives.”

When patients arrive at Symmes Chiropractic Center, they experience a relaxed office environment, a comfortable waiting area, and facilities for privacy and learning. Patients are greeted by a friendly staff trained to ensure each and every patient is taken care of from the time they walk through the door, visit with a doctor, receive therapy, and check out.

“All of our doctors incorporate many techniques that other chiropractors do not include as part of their treatment program such as structural, nutritional, mental and emotional perspectives – all from a holistic approach,” said Panyko. “By using proven techniques, patients can heal faster and experience longer lasting benefits that add to their overall comfort level.”

Symmes Chiropractic Center enhances the patient experience by spending more time with each patient. Each patient is educated on every aspect of their treatment plan including overall goals, wellness, and future needs. The doctors at Symmes Chiropractic Center take every initiative to ensure each patient receives a customized, personable approach to their wellness plan.

About Symmes Chiropractic Center

Symmes Chiropractic Center, located in Loveland, OH, is East Cincinnati’s top chiropractic and nutrition center. Doctors Jay Panyko, Lori Piehl-Panyko, and Elizabeth Clark provide contemporary chiropractic health care through education and treatment for the entire family. Symmes Chiropractic Center prides itself in having a holistic environment, a calm and warm atmosphere, and a solid foundation in chiropractic care. Symmes Chiropractic delivers individualized and professional healthcare, helping people achieve and express their highest quality of health utilizing contemporary chiropractic, nutritional services, lifestyle, and education.

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