How is my diet affecting my health?

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Our bodies' chemical make-up is equally important as our bodies' structural make-up. A properly nourished body will maximize tissue function and allow it to perform at its highest ability. This is essential for your body's regeneration, growth, and disease prevention. Reducing the proper intake of nutrients begins to stress the body and organ tissues and not allow them to function as they should. That is when one may begin having symptoms. Over time nutrient deficiencies create abnormal and diseased tissue. This long term stress to an organ or tissue of the body results in a “medical condition or disease process”. Adding poor eating habits, stress, toxins (air, water, agricultural, industrial to name a few sources), smoking, alcohol, medications (prescribed or over-the-counter), inadequate sleep, excessive caffeine, sugar and wheat all increase our needs for vitamins and minerals due to depletion within our body. This can significantly accelerate health deterioration and aging. How healthy are you?