Is organic food that much better?

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Yes, more research and literature is validating that organic food is by far better than non-organic, conventionally grown food. There are several advantages of organic food over non-organic food.

1. Elimination of pesticides/herbicides/hormones/antibiotic residues (all biologically harmful and TOXIC to humans and animals) on fruit and vegetables or in animal products. Overall organic food is healthier.
2. More vitamin and mineral content in organic produce verses conventional produce. Compare the taste difference between a grocery store tomato and the one grown in your back yard. That difference can be attributed to increased vitamin and mineral content.
3. Much less environmental impact due to better farming practices and no chemical usage in raising animals.
4. Cost of organic food is dropping much closer to conventional, non-organic food. Organic products are becoming substantially more available. Consumer demand and the increase of farms producing organic food have been driving organic farming as the largest growth segment of agriculture for the last several years.