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We believe a patient should be well informed to make the best choices for their health care. In our Health Topics section, you will find a variety of
helpful and educational information. Check back frequently, as we continually add more health information.

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Detoxifcation / Purification Cleanse Manual

The complete manual to the Standard Process Purification / Detoxification Program.

Eye Drop Formula

Make natural eye drops that works with many eye conditions.

Green Plants for Clean Air

What plants to have in the home or office to clean the air.

Safety Guide to Children's Personal Care Products

Learn what toxic chemicals to avoid in personal care products, especially for children.

Kombucha Directions

Directions to make Kombucha, a fermented tea, used for digestion, healing, immune function and detoxification.

Dirty Dozen, Cleanest Twelve

Quick reference on the fruits and vegetables that should be avoided in a non-organic state and the produce that is fine to eat non-organically.

Candida Yeast Spit test

Simple test to give insight on Candida yeast issues.

Household Cleaner Recipes

Make you own non-toxic, common household cleaners with these simple recipes.

Ohio Immunization Exemption Form

State form that opts a child out of "mandatory" vaccinations required by schools and institutions.