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We believe a patient should be well informed to make the best choices for their health care. In our Health Topics section, you will find a variety of
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The New Zealand Comission Report

Comprehensive study demonstrating chiropractic to be a "soundly based and valuable branch of the health care in a specialized area".

The Agency on Health Care Policy and Research Study

A landmark US study recommending spinal manipulation should be first choice in acute low back pain.

The Virginia Research Study

An economic analysis found chiropractic care to be a lower cost option for back-related ailments.

Chiropractic Treatment vs. Outpatient Treatment by M.D.'s

Chiropractic found to be more effective than traditional medical care for low-back pain in short and long term outcomes.

The Manga Report

Excerpts from the Canadian government commissioned study clearly indicates chiropractic manipulation was the most cost effective and efficacious care for low back pain over standard medical treatment.

Eye Drop Formula

Make natural eye drops that works with many eye conditions.

Green Plants for Clean Air

What plants to have in the home or office to clean the air.

Safety Guide to Children's Personal Care Products

Learn what toxic chemicals to avoid in personal care products, especially for children.

Kombucha Directions

Directions to make Kombucha, a fermented tea, used for digestion, healing, immune function and detoxification.

Dirty Dozen, Cleanest Twelve

Quick reference on the fruits and vegetables that should be avoided in a non-organic state and the produce that is fine to eat non-organically.