About the various techniques we use at Symmes Chiropractic...

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The art and science of being an effective holistic healthcare practitioner is the ability to stay informed and able to utilize a variety of techniques for each individual person when needed. As you can imagine, each person entering the office has different conditions, different circumstances, different levels of health. Therefore, it is imperative for the Chiropractor to find and perform the healing techniques that will best suit the patient in a non-invasive manner.

Through years of education and practical experience, the doctors of Symmes Chiropractic have accumulated many certifications in a variety of techniques. The doctors have been able to deliver a combined total of over 75,000 adjustments. All of which are specific to what the patient needs at that time to increase their health. We have briefly highlighted the chiropractic techniques most widely used at Symmes Chiropractic Center.