Dietary and nutritional guidance

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The good news is that optimal nutrition is available, if you know what to look for. Questions that most people have: Are my health issues related to my diet? Am I getting enough of what I need? What should I eat? What should I take? How much? How long?

To answer these questions, we offer a full range of nutritional and dietary advice and evaluation service. From simple daily preventative programs, to specific nutritional support regiments, your health goals are primary in developing individual nutritional recommendations. We believe that dietary guidance and nutrition should be individualized. In order to determine a person's nutritional needs, we can use physical evaluation tests, blood work, urinalysis, allergy tests, symptom surveys, questionnaires, muscle testing, food diary analysis, saliva and stool testing.

For your convenience and success in nutritional support, we carry various lines of products in order to offer you the best quality nutritional or herbal product available. Many of the supplements offered are whole food supplements, which differ greatly from their synthetic, lab-derived counter parts. The advantage of whole food supplements is that they are from a food source, meaning they have all the components that exist in nature. This makes them more digestible and able to be utilized by the body more effectively, therefore requiring less overall intake.