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It is one of the most widely used forms of adjusting techniques in the chiropractic field, and is the technique style that most people associate with chiropractic, using a small, quick thrust to increase movement in a specific joint.

Diversified Technique is the classic chiropractic technique, developed by D.D. Palmer, DC, and taught in all chiropractic colleges.. The focus is on restoration to normal biomechanical function, which reduce nervous system interferences. With the malposition and/or restriction of motion with one or more spinal bones is identified, a specific manual thrust is administered.

The direction, speed, depth and angle that are used is the result of experience, practice and a thorough understanding of spinal mechanics. Often during this style of adjustment, an audible ‘clicking’ or cavitation, it's correct name, is caused by decreased pressure inside the joint that creates a release of gas. This sound may be interesting, but has little meaning as to the value and effectiveness of the adjustment

In addition, Diversified methods have been developed to adjust extremity joints, allowing for beneficial applications in treating sports injuries and other extremity issues.