Lifestyle modification

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Stress. We all have it, some greater than others. Why do some handle stress better than others?

Stress, in various forms: physical, chemical, and mental/emotional, is a normal part of life. Much of the time the body and mind will compensate and adapt, allowing us to stay in balance. However, during extreme stress or prolonged stress the body begins to break down or malfunction, creating potential long-term problems and the inability to handle future stress.

Our objective is to foster healthy change in those people who have the desire to reach their peak health and vitality, therefore increasing their quality of life. The following issues can be examined and addressed throughout the course of treatment at Symmes Chiropractic Center.

* Exercise
* Reconditioning/rehabilitation
* Body mechanics
* Posture
* Physical activity levels
* Life stressors
* Emotional/mental outlook
* Goals and ambitions
* Professional referral

Ultimately, we want to give you as much information and guidance to bring you further along your path to health and wellness as possible. When necessary, we will offer recommendations or referrals to other trained professionals, most of whom operate in a holistic manner. The topic of lifestyle is often paramount in the success of one's health care path. The things you do outside the office in your daily living will either promote or diminish your quest for health, wellness and happiness. Our goal is to support you in your process.