New Chiropractic Patients

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What to Expect

To better inform you when starting your path to better health, we have outlined the flow of the new patient experience.

1. Before You Visit - Paperwork

Although sometimes tedious, it is necessary. The paperwork provides the doctors with vital information to investigate your conditions. Additionally, bring any pertinent health records or testing studies, if available. Please refer to our forms page for the specific paperwork.

2. First Visit - Evaluation

Your first visit to the office will begin with a review of your paperwork. You will then be seen by the doctor for an evaluation (Approximately 30 minutes). The evaluation will consist of gathering as much information about your present conditions, health history, range of motion studies, a spinal/extremity examination, and orthopedic and neurological testing. Depending on the individual situation, if needed, we will refer you for additional x-ray studies or diagnostic testing.

Based on the information gathered, the doctor will develop a working diagnosis and recommendations of treatment. It may be possible that some treatment begin on the same day. However, if further tests are needed, treatment will begin on your next visit. Throughout the entire process, you will be completely informed on how the treatment will be rendered.

3. Second Visit - Treatment

On your visit following the evaluation, your treating doctor will review in detail your findings, your diagnosis and treatment recommendations. It is our utmost priority to help you understand what your problem is, if we can help you, how we will treat it, and what are the reasonable goals and expectations of care. You will be presented choices in the goals of your treatment, allowing you to make the best-informed decision on your approach to care.


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