New Nutritional Consultation Patients

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What to Expect

1. Before You Visit - Paperwork

Although sometimes tedious, it is necessary. The paperwork provides the doctors with vital information to investigate your conditions. Additionally, bring any pertinent health records or testing studies, if available. Please refer to our forms page for the specific paperwork.

2. First Visit - Evaluation

Your first visit to the office will begin with a review of your paperwork. You will then be seen by the doctor for an evaluation (Approximately 20-30 minutes). The evaluation will consist of gathering as much information about your present conditions, health history, diet overview, medication history, level of exercise and physical activity, physical exam and a discussion about your health goals. Depending on your situation, further testing may be needed. In most instances, your specific nutritional recommendations will be reviewed and explained on your first visit.

3. Nutritional Recommendations

Either during your first visit, or if additional testing has been performed, during the next visit, your doctor will review in detail your findings and your nutritional support recommendations (Approximately 10-20 minutes). It is our priority to help you understand our recommendations, why this protocol was chosen for you, and what are reasonable goals and expectations with your nutritional supplementation and dietary changes. You will be presented choices allowing you to make the best-informed decision along your path to better health. Ideally, we want to maximize the benefits or your diet with the minimum amount of supplementation for maximum results.

Based on your decisions, the doctor will review the protocol and usage instructions of each supplement. You will be given a take home sheet outlining your recommended regiment. Ultimately, the success of nutritional programs relies on your active participation in taking supplements in the recommended dosage, for the recommended time and making necessary dietary changes.

4. Re-Evaluation

Your doctor will have you schedule for a follow-up evaluation on a specific time frame to monitor your success and adjust or change your recommendations. Depending on your situation and regiment given, the time between follow-up visits will vary considerably.


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