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"It not only changed my physical appearance, but changed my spiritual and emotional outlook as well."

My experience at Symmes Chiropractic, working with Dr. Jay, began as a simple personal health challenge and turned out to be a defining experience of my life. I decided to do a 21 day liver cleanse with my friend Nancy under Dr. Jay’s supervision. The diet was unbelievably strenuous for me—a self prescribed chocoholic diet coke fiend. I had decided that I could do ANYTHING for 21 days—especially if it would clean out my liver and ultimately help me not to store fat around my stomach. I had no idea how hard 21 days would be—along with the many enzymes we took, we could only eat fruits, twice as many vegetables, and drink water. I decided to embark on a spiritual journey with this cleanse—I read a passage every day from Dyer’s Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life and kept a journal about how I was feeling physically and emotionally, also recording my daily weight and blood pressure. Though never hungry during the 21 days, I found I had an emotional loneliness for food.

Ultimately, I lost 14 pounds in 21 days under Dr. Jay’s supervision, then lost another 6 pounds because I had truly learned the benefits of healthy eating. I so enjoyed the breakfast protein shakes and the salad I ate each day with flax oil and balsamic vinegar that I am continuing them (with the addition of low fat cheese/croutons on the salad). I have switched to dark chocolate which tastes great and is more healthy for my sweet tooth.

I am now eating a more vegetarian diet and attribute my better health to working with Dr. Jay, whom I see every 6 weeks for a check up. Dr. Jay is a kind and friendly doctor who truly listens, offers sound advice, and affirms the work you are doing to live a better life. Besides learning new eating habits, I was ultimately able to go off my blood pressure medicine because my blood pressure became better regulated. Ultimately, the liver cleanse was the hardest, yet most rewarding health experience of my life. It not only changed my physical appearance, but changed my spiritual and emotional outlook as well. After 10 months, I have not added back a single pound, but more importantly, I feel better about myself as a person trying to do the best I can for my family, all others, myself, and the earth.

Molly M.

"I no longer need to take medication on a regular basis and I have lost 61 pounds."

I am a patient of Dr. Jay and Dr. Lori and have been for almost a year. I first met Dr Jay at a Business Networking meeting. I was a part time elementary school teacher as well as owning my own small business. I have two children ages 12 and 10.

I was currently under the care of a chiropractor that I was very happy with. However, Dr. Jay presented a side of Chiropractic care that I was missing, Nutrition. I considered myself to be pretty well educated in the field of nutrition and thought I made decent choices in my eating habits. I was wrong. I was over weight and had tried many diets to lose only 10 pounds and gain that back plus more. I was suffering from headaches on a regular basis and had seen my family Dr. as well my OBGYN. All they did for me was told me I was depressed and had hormonal issues. I was given a prescription for Ambiene and Paxil and was encouraged to loose weight. I still did not think I was that bad. I thought it was just the stress of every day life as my doctors said there was nothing wrong with me and I needed to do less for my kids and more for myself.

I decided that 1 really wanted to learn more about the nutrient piece. Jay had mentioned several things that made a lot of sense and I wanted to learn more.

My son had expressed interest in playing football and he is a small frame and suffers from asthma and allergies. So I thought I would see what they had to say. Perhaps they could tell me what kind of vitamin to give him and maybe they would be able to tell me why I was so tired all of the time. Of course as a parent I first had to be treated by Dr. Jay and Dr. Lori before I entrusted my children to them.

As it turns out I was the one who needed the most help. After talking to Lori about the problems I had been having she put me on a course of action that has had dramatic results.

I no longer need to take any medication on a regular basis and I have lost 61 pounds. It was not a quick or easy fix. It has taken 7 months to loose the weight and regain my strength and energy, I now play baseball with my son and his friends and I can run almost as fast as them! I sleep at night and my depression is minimal. I have learned how to help my body do its job and it receives assistance from the Dr.’s on a monthly basis for routine care.

Both of my children and my husband are cared for by these fantastic doctors. We have learned so many things about our bodies and how to care for them so that we can stay healthy,

I now have the energy to not only play physical games with my children but I am now pursing a full time teaching career and I weigh less today than when I conceived my children!

Kellie W.

"I was able to lose weight, which I have kept off, and became more grounded in my eating habits."

I began going to see Dr. Jay about 10 years ago because of sinus headaches. I had been taking allergy shots for about 20 years, off and on before that time. Dr. Jay helped me to understand that I would be able to lessen my headaches through alignments and perhaps stop the shots. Well, it worked. I have been off my shots since that time, and I rarely have sinus headaches anymore. I have continued with alignments about every 6 weeks and am committed to this part of my wellness program. This past year, I also did a liver cleanse through Symmes Chiropractic. I was able to lose some weight, which I have kept off, and feel that I became more grounded in my eating habits. It was 3 weeks of cleansing the mind, body, and spirit, for me and something that I will most likely do again. I cannot say enough positive things about Symmes Chiropractic practice!!

Nancy P.

"I no longer have to take medication for my diabetes and have lost approximately 15 lbs.. I have never felt better."

I participated in the liver detox cleanse through Symmes Chiropractic office. It has made a huge difference in my life; I no longer have to take medication for my diabetes and have lost approximately 15 lbs. I have never felt better. My A1c test was 7.7 prior to my cleanse and was 6.6 after the liver cleanse. I have been following the recommended diet and continue to do well with my diabetes. I have also recommended this cleanse to my neighbor and she has lost 26 lbs.
Dr. Jay was a very positive role model and was not a pushy salesmen, which I truly appreciated. He had my best interest at heart and I feel blessed to have participated in this cleanse, it has definitely made a difference in my life. I have more energy and feel great and continue to feel healthy.

Thanks so much,
Molly S.

"It took about a month but I am thankful to say I am much better and not on any prescriptions!"

I first came to Symmes Chiropractic because I was having problems with hypertension. I was not willing to go on prescription medicines. I was seeing another holistic doctor, but was dissatisfied with his diagnosis and treatment. I had heard about Dr. Piehl from a friend and decided to try her. She really took an interest in my problem and immediately began supplements. It took about a month but I am thankful to say I am much better and not on any prescriptions!

The atmosphere at Symmes Chiropractic is so relaxing and caring. You truly feel like you matter; not just another number. I have had other issues come up since switching to Dr. Piehl, like problems with my adrenal glands. Dr. Piehl is always careful to check up on little things before they become big things. I am completely satisfied with this practice and continue to drive the nearly 40 miles one way every month.

Kim N.